LTM Group specialises in comprehensive and integrated energy, water and waste management solutions including renewables to commercial and industrial customers in South Africa. We approach energy management in an all-inclusive manner, ensuring that each and every energy saving opportunity is appropriately explored;

  • We advise best-fit technology and have no bias to a specific branded product.
  • We have a unique blend of skills and experience obtained primarily in the energy industry.

Our experience in the South African power sector, technical skills, and excellent relationships set us apart from the competition. We are a team of professional engineers in multifaceted disciplines that form the heart that drives this company which has a national presence.

The Values We Stand By

  • To uphold honest and ethical business practices
  • To maintain a standard of excellence in every aspect of the business
  • To be innovative and adaptable to the changing market needs
  • To satisfy and exceed customer expectations with high quality, cost-effective products, and service delivery