Letamik International has designed a procurement policy which sets guidelines on how product can be sourced and suppliers managed, with a view of achieving efficiency, quality and reduced costs. Letamik International have grown from pillar to strength in the back drop of the several success stories with blue chip clients, winning major tenders against reputable companies, having the relevant credentials in house and together with our international partners and Holding company, we are well positioned to unlock unchallenged service delivery.

Risk Management Policy

A risk management strategy has been adopted through risk identification, quantification, response and control and a risk - log is maintained in all departments to ensure that the strategy is effective in eliminating possible risks that may occur.

All processes and stages that define Letamik International service delivery are measured to establish the magnitude of the risks along the service delivering systems. Details of how duties are scheduled and managed are in place and all natural, operational, financial and contractual risks are brought within the scope of risk identification, quantification, response and control.

Quality Policy

In all the processes and stages that define its service delivery, the organization emphasizes quality. Therefore, quality planning, control, assurance, audit and improvement enable Letamik International to gain corporate identity in the provision of exceptional quality to clients. This has led to high satisfaction and loyalty from both internal and external stakeholders the organization is dealing with.