Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air-conditioning systems can reduce energy consumption by 35%. VRF systems are not new to the air conditioning market. However, due to their energy saving, space saving, and aesthetic qualities they have rapidly gained popularity. VRF air-conditioning systems can be made up of several air handling units (AHU), all of which are connected to a single external condensing unit. The system operates through the use of inverter technology, which relies on variable controlled compressors and fan motors.

Smart Meters

A smart meter generally refers to a type of advanced meter that identifies consumption in more detail than a conventional meter and optionally communicates that information via some network back to the local utility for monitoring and billing purposes.

Benefits of Smart Meters:

  • Provides users with the ability to view real-time electricity consumption through a home or office computer.
  • Has a home automation facility which allows the user to set timing controls to certain circuits (pool pump, geyser, lighting, etc…).
  • Case studies have revealed a significant drop in electricity usage when used together with other initiatives.